BBQされる方へ。 There are BBQ tools.



・木炭などの持ち込み禁止です。宿泊者以外は利用できません。Not available for use by non-residents.

・A barbecue set is available for a fee (1,000 yen). Stove use fee included(Please put the money in the piggy bank in the room or pay by Paypay.)


注意:・木炭などの持ち込み禁止です。・宿泊者以外は利用できません。Not available for use by non-residents.

・BBQ charcoal (3 kg), nets and igniters are provided.
・Please bring your own seasonings and ingredients from a nearby supermarket.
Charcoal is 500 yen for 3k. Purchase only what you need and put it in your piggy bank.

There are cups, plates, chopsticks, etc.

・In addition, there are cooking utensils.





・There is a rice cooker and a microwave oven.

There is a pot.

・There are no ingredients and seasonings. Please purchase at a nearby supermarket.

Nearby supermarket

General shopping center 希望の店 高原町